The Natal Rabbit Club

THE NATAL RABBIT CLUB encourages the breeding and exhibiting of all recognised rabbit breeds. This clubs caters for all – the specialist breeder, the pet bunny owner and the commercial rabbit producer.

The clubs headquarters is the Rabbit Hall, Royal Show Grounds, Pietermaritzburg. Regular Table Shows are held throughout the year. A Table Show is a Sunday late morning meeting, to which members and visitors bring along their rabbits for judging and comment. The two Championship shows are held as part of the Royal Agricultural Show in May/June and as a separate Natal rabbit Club Show in Oct/Nov.

All rabbit shows are judged by a qualified All Breed Judge, and are judged to the British Rabbit Council standards, with a few exceptions which are judged to standards supplied by their countries of origin.

There are 28 rabbit varieties being exhibited in South Africa, divided into three categories : Fancy Breeds, Normal Fur Breeds and Rex coated varieties. Breeders work with a very small gene pool here as there is a ban on the importation of rabbits into the country. I will list the recognised breeds and a short description in a later post.

The contact details of the Natal Rabbit Club are as follows:

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All correspondence to be marked Attention : Heather Heron

Fax : 031-4641153

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Joining fee : R180-00

Subscription : R180-00 per annum.