One bunny or two? Companions

Rabbits do not really need companions, if you are willing to take time with them – after all, you got it as a companion for yourself, not so?.  They are by nature very territorial , although the spaying does seem… (Read more)

Semantics of plucking rabbits

What does plucking mean when you keep pet or show angora rabbits.   I have recently been contacted by some very irate people accusing me of cruelty to my rabbits.  I suddenly realised today that it is a matter of… (Read more)

Breeding Angora Rabbits

I suppose that coming into spring awakens natural instincts in all of us.  This time of year I get queries on how to breed angora rabbits.  So this is the method I use.   Firstly please remember that the angora… (Read more)

Angora Rabbits, fact and fiction

  Clarifying a few misconceptions about Angora Rabbits and the wool they produce, I recently showed at the 2016 Royal Agricultural Show, and put this together based on the questions we were asked. Rabbits are indigenous to Europe, and England… (Read more)

Cleaning Stains on Angora Items

The following information was sent to me recently, to be shared with all interested parties.  Thank you Giovana, for taking the time to send this on – we have all battled with a treasured piece of angora clothing that has… (Read more)

My Expensive Hobby

I am frequently contacted by people want to either farm with wool rabbits, or have a business with wool rabbits. Unfortunately, wool (Angora) rabbits are a HOBBY, not a business, or farming enterprise. The input costs of housing, feeding, husbandry,… (Read more)

Feeding and Housing of Angora

Rabbit Housing  I know that there has been a great deal of disucssion recently concerning companions for your pets.  At the end of the day, unless you are going to be the companion. why on earth did you get it? … (Read more)