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Handpainted merino roving

Handpainted merino roving for sale.  Micron of 17.5 to 18.5. Suitable for use on items worn next to the skin.  Can be used for wet felting, needle felting or spinning.  Price R30/25g

Buy Angora Rabbit Beanies

ASSORTED BEANIES:100% angora, crochet – natural colours We ship country-wide. Cost:  R300 per beanie Shipping Options: R150 Postnet counter-to-counter overnight post or R80 1 to 2 weeks delivery SA Post Office How to order: Contact Angora Creations at or… (Read more)

Cleaning Stains on Angora Items

The following information was sent to me recently, to be shared with all interested parties.  Thank you Giovana, for taking the time to send this on – we have all battled with a treasured piece of angora clothing that has… (Read more)

My Expensive Hobby

I am frequently contacted by people want to either farm with wool rabbits, or have a business with wool rabbits. Unfortunately, wool (Angora) rabbits are a HOBBY, not a business, or farming enterprise. The input costs of housing, feeding, husbandry,… (Read more)

Feeding and Housing of Angora

Rabbit Housing I know that there has been a great deal of disucssion recently concerning companions for your pets.  At the end of the day, unless you are going to be the companion. why on earth did you get it? … (Read more)

Care Associated with Angora Type

Rabbit type and associated care and harvesting – I did this for a club newsletter, but thought it to be of use.   I will first deal with the English, which type  I have bred towards.  It would have been… (Read more)

Show Grooming of the Angora

SHOW GROOMING   While I know that many people who show do not agree with me, I have found that the least handling of the rabbit leads to the helathiest thickest coated show entry.   As Jerry (Our KwaZulu Natal… (Read more)